Vandals of the city - The Story

Nowadays, the only thing our eyes want to see is beauty. But behind all the beauty we see lays a deeper story. Without damage, pain and devastation. Their ain’t no beauty in either way.
 In our lifes we are constantly searching to get that perfect shot, busy to visit the places of our dreams. But we forget that those places are only perfect in our dreams. In the real world we should discover the shadow side of those places. Physical places, like our beloved streets. But also the places inside us, our deeper soul. Where are we made of? Everybody got a bit of a rebellion inside theirself. It only depends on how we kindle this fire.
We are the only ones who can control our daily life and we are the only ones who can discover the shadows. Our own shadows, and the shadows of the streets. Because we know that creativity in his purest form comes from the darkest places and starts on your obscurest days. People who don’t know our story will always judge. They will put a label on you and me from the day we are born. Because of doing it in a different way then the rest of the world. We are often seen as “vandals”. Vandals of the culture, Vandals of the system but mostly we are seen as “Vandals of the city”
But in fact the only thing we do is exploring. Busy getting to know the story of our deeper soul, and the soul of our city. We see London as our pride, a city which can kindle the fire inside our souls.  From Camden to Westminster and from Hackney to Chelsea.
We are the “vandals”.